About us

Wellbeing in nature

unplug from busy lives and get back into balance

Here at Nature Know we understand how busy life can get. We appreciate how we can end up feeling disconnected and tied to the world of screens that fill even our precious downtime.

Life can throw you curveballs. Get back into balance, through forest therapy.

Spending quiet time in nature can help support your wellbeing. We want to help support your confidence through personalised positive experiences in nature.

Who we help and support

We are passionate about supporting you to improve your wellbeing and feel confident in your local environments.

We work with stretched and distracted people who want to switch off from the everyday grind, so they can feel safe, recalibrated and centred from time in nature.

Nature Know

Nature connection benefits

Resilience and growth of plants and animals within their environments can be the source of inspiration and healing for us. Nature Know, through its tailored playful experiences and walks use nature’s backdrop as the palette to provide nature wellbeing and forest therapy programs for people, organisations an children.

We feel that by regularly connecting to nature:

  • provides numerous health benefits
  • brings people closer to environments
  • deepens connection and care for spaces
  • helps build understanding of the dynamics of seasons, processes and rhythms.

Our mission

Nature Knows mission is to :

  • encourage nature connectedness experiences to help people improve their wellbeing through their senses and play
  • create a community of practice to help people enhance their understanding of the natural world and thereby help earth harmony.

I want to support your nature connection journey through sharing stories, knowledge and providing enlivening experiences.

Mary Bell

About me

I’m Mary Bell, the person behind Nature Know. I am a passionate and experienced environmental educator of over 30 years and a certified forest therapy guide with the International Nature and Forest Therapy Alliance (INFTA).

I have a love for environmental education. It is what I do best. Using my community building skills and caring nature, my focus is on creating a community to encourage nature connectedness. I want to help individuals improve their wellbeing through their senses and play and being outdoors.

How it began….

My introduction to nature began in my early years. My parents bought a bush block on the Great Ocean Road near Lorne in Victoria, Australia. The shack my father built had a mezzanine level in one large room for sleeping my elder four siblings. This sleeping area, was a long way off the ground. Somy room was downstairs, a tent out in nature. My earliest memories were of singing to myself in my own tent, smelling the eucalpytus in the air and hearing the sounds of the forest and the hum of the ocean in the background. The bush has always felt like home to me, I continually like to reconnect to these original experiences to help me feel satisfied, sane and embracing life. I now want to share my experience and knowledge to benefit others.

Mary’s early forest experiences in Lorne Victoria

My experience and qualifications

I’m a leader and facilitator in managing and delivering successful learning programs and experiences for the education and community sector. I have over 30 years’ experience – working at leading environmental organisations delivering environmental education programs including:

Working experience

  • The Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney
  • The Australian Museum
  • Landcare Australia
  • National Parks and Wildlife Service


  • Bachelor of Science – Land Management
  • Graduate Diploma in Geoscience
  • Diploma in Primary Education
  • Certified Forest Therapy Guide with INFTA

Special events and experiences delivered

  • Seniors Week
  • Parks Week
  • Staff enrichment
  • Art retreats

Free forest immersion audio download

Feeling stretched and overwhelmed and don’t have time just now to get outside? I have created a free audio immersion that in just 9 relaxing minutes will take you into the forest and reconnect with nature.

mary bell northern sydney forest therapy - amongst the trees
Immerse yourself in nature amongst the trees