Backyard bandicoot in wildlife week

Outdoor wildlife camera – recording backyard wildlife

The last few months I have been learning to use an outdoor wildlife camera in our garden. This camera has infra-red sensing to sense movement particularly at night. I discovered a bandicoot in the backyard!

I am inspired to use an outdoor wildlife camera so I can follow up on indications that we had a visiting bandicoot. When I step outside I can see conical holes in the soil. These signs indicate that the backyard bandicoot has been using it’s long pointy snout to dig for bugs in the soil.

Backyard bandicoot in wildlife week – Long-nosed Bandicoot – Perameles nasuta

Here’s some photographic evidence. I’m still working on getting some better footage, and battling capturing nocturnal cat wandering instead. A special note to make sure you keep your cats inside, especially at night.

Long-nosed Bandicoot  Perameles nasuta backyard northern Sydney – Darug Country

Australian Wildlife Week

Australian Wildlife Week is celebrated across the country during the first week of October annually. This week encourages a positive relationship between humanity and nature and is supported by The Australian Wildlife Society.

Support wildlife in your backyard by keeping your cats indoors and planting a native garden. Enjoy friendly visitors like these, and they will aerate the soil for you. This will help the soil be healthy to grow amazing plants. You can be a lazy gardener with long grass and have more wildlife

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