Nature Break

Virtual Excursions

Recently we offered a specially curated online virtual excursion for World Environment Day (June 6 2022).

This experience through Virtual Excursions Australia, schools and homeschooling families was facilitated by DART Learning. These virtual excursions are available to teachers, parents and students who have appropriate internet connectivity and hardware. This half hour session for primary students, their teachers and parents helped over 520 students focus, connect to nature and feel creative and inspired.Find out more about the session here.

Connect to nature with an online virtual excursion

Nature Break sessions – coming soon

We are excited to share that very soon we will be offering online virtual excursions through Dart Learning. Stay tuned for more information.

Session overview

Experience the positive impacts of immersing the senses and improve curiosity, cognition and behaviour, in this playful hands on nature connection session. Create calm and reduce stress in the classroom.

Presented by a trained, experienced nature educator and forest therapy guide students will be encouraged to :

  • foster a deeper awareness
  • enrich their natural curiosity, empathy, and other important human qualities
  • be encouraged to reflect and use the experience to form a strong respect and connection to nature

Join a walk in person

If you would like to experience an in person forest therapy walk then please visit our events page for our upcoming walks.

Forest Therapy Mary Bell - walking in the forest

Escape to nature ……