Resources and links for wellbeing in nature

Discover resources that support wellbeing through nature.

Education programs

Environmental education and resilience resources

I have a lifelong passion for environmental education. In 2020 I helped coordinate a project in regional Queensland for Landcare Australia. In this project we explored the role environmental education plays in building wellbeing and resilience.

Community guidance

Through a series of three workshops, students were given guidance from community leaders to create a butterfly garden within their school setting. The workshops incorporated hands on outdoor learning in designing and making a butterfly garden. To help support other locations to implement this program, facilitator resources outlined how to deliver the workshop program.

Student resilience in disasters

Students at the schools had experienced natural disasters. The program was specifically designed to improve student wellbeing and resilience as a response to disasters. Integrating a community approach helped develop deeper connections with school and environmental communities.

Tree planting days – for nature wellbeing

A Junior Landcare case study highlighting how tree planting days coordinated with local landcare groups help to develop student wellbeing and resilience, build deeper connections with community and improve schoolgrounds

Walk programs for wellbeing in nature

Nature Know provides specially curated walks and events to help connect to nature for vitality, peace and positivity. Book a forest therapy walk or program with us by visiting our forest therapy walks and events page.