New year living postcard – a biodiversity insight

New year living postcard

Regular walks

My regular walks in the forest here on Darug Country have given me so much insight into what amazing biodiversity is living in these precious environments that I have created a living postcard as a biodiversity insight. Taking a regular quiet slow walk helps lower my blood pressure and increase my observation skills.

Whilst I regularly visit the same location – the discoveries I make do not disappoint. My curiosity is piqued as I encounter animals I have not seen before and encounter others that are old friends.

Colourful acacia leaf-eating caterpillar

Take a look at the Neola semiaurata which goes from looking like a highly deocrated caterpillar to quite an understated moth. Known for feedling on Acacia leaves I spotted two of them locally on new years day. I observed them daily and was looking forward to them evolving and changing. However a recent period of heavy rain made them move on.

Neola semiaurata caterpillar
Neola semiaurata caterpillar

Brown Cuckoo-Dove a biodiversity delight

Another discovery was a Brown Cuckoo Dove nestled on a low branch in the casuarina forest on Darug Country. I do enjoy following the sounds of bird calls as I walk and discover in the local bushland. Because I am familiar with the lay of the track it makes it easy to walk with the intent to look more closely.

The woop-woop call of this bird is quite unique. The warm brown tones of this dove are so enchanting to look at. Also it seems easy to photograph this bird as it moves quite slowly. I managed to photograph it perched on a stump in the casuarina forest.

Brown Cuckoo-dove
The Brown Cuckoo Dove on Darug Country

By choosing to undertake a regular walk I am getting to know the place I visit and feel very connected and grow more comfortable and confident as well. Its something I encourage for you all.

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