Plover Appreciation Day

September 16 is Plover Appreciation Day. Plovers are a group of birds found worldwide that make nests on the ground and live on beaches, lakes, shores, wetlands and grasslands. Their ground nests are small, fragile and easily damaged by human impact and looted by dogs and other predators. Raising awareness and being respectful of their habitat helps to continue the lifecycle of these beautiful and endearing birds. 

2021 theme – Plover Olympics

In 2021, the Plover Appreciation Day theme of the ‘Plover Olympics’ is inspired by this year’s Olympic Games. I joined in the fun and used the template from Birds Australia to help create and celebrate some of the Australian plovers that are close to my heart with the profiles below. My favourite the Hooded Plover is also how I scored in the Birds Australia Which Olympian Plover are you? You can try the quiz here and share the result –

Once again nature can inspire us with their beauty, courage and individuality and help us carve our own individual path in life.

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