Reconciliation Week 2022

Be Brave Make Change

The Be Brave Make Change 2022 campaign from Reconciliation Australia gives 19 recommended actions. These actions are ones to take every day of the year – not just during Reconciliation Week.

Be Brave make Change for Reconciliation Week through 19 actions
  • 1. Tell the truth on racism and call it out and report it.
  • 2. Acknowledge Country

All over the world First Nations People care for, practice culture, and have profound connection to the Country they live on. Giving thanks and acknowledging the Land and Country you are on, and visit is respectful, helps build understanding and deepens connections.

Find a walk or event given by First Nations people and go along to learn support and deepen your wonder at their connection and care for Country and the land.

Glorious view on Garigal Country
  • 3. Get your facts first-hand. Make an informed choice to source your information from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander media outlets.
  • 4. Fight for justice. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples are some of the most incarcerated internationally. Challenge leaders to take action.
  • 5. Own our history. Aborginal and Torres Strait Islander true history has been left out of discussions. Talk about history with the inclusion of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples with truth.
  • 6. Get Reconciliation into schools – Reconciliation Australia’s Narragunnawali website has excellent tailored reconciliation curriculum resources focusing on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture and history for the classroom.
  • 7. Learn your local history.

In my local area, near Hornsby NSW, there were several massacres of Aboriginal people. Numerous lives were lost between the 1790 and early 1800s in the Yarramundi and Hawkesbury River areas. This impacted their community and families, and deserves acknowledgment. This Colonial Frontiers Map provides further information. Remember this recorded ones and these are not isolated incidents.

  • 8. Support self determination. Support community controlled and Indigenous governed organisations.
  • 9. Be a brave Ally. Disrupt the status quo to help achieve real change.
  • 10. Prioritise cultural safety. Cultural safety is needed in all locations and workplaces. We need to create spaces and experiences that include and not intimidate First Nations People.
  • 11. Support Blak businesses. Purchasing from First Nations businesses, helps support and create a positive economy. Supply Nation provides a listing of verified Indigenous businesses.
  • 12. Stop Cultural theft. Buy Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander art or products from Indigenous owned businesses. This empowers and supports their cultural practice.
  • 13. Reconciliation at work. Join your Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) team at work and encourage a RAP at your workplace.
  • 14. Understand political representation.

“Support current calls for treaties constitutional reform and the Uluru Statement of the Heart – which asks for First Nations Voice for Parliament enshrined in the Constitution, and the establishment of a Makarrata Commission for the purpose of treaty making and truth-telling.” Reconciliation Australia

  • 15. Speak up for languages. Languages are so intrinsic to Culture and Identity. Research and get to know the language from where you reside and live.
  • 16. Aim higher in higher education. Support that First Nations history and current affairs to be taught at unversity or college within each subject.
  • 17. Stand for land rights. Learn more about land rights and Native Title in Australia. Join in in land rights action.
  • 18. Care for Country. Embed caring for Country practices into science. Help make a change for the climate, and listen to Indigenous cultures deep knowledge. This is still being overlooked in solving the problems of climate change, More community and connection needed moving forward.
  • 19. National Reconciliation Week 2022 & Beyond – Use this National Reconciliation Week to learn about and celebrate the world’s oldest living culture. Attend events, host your own. Learn, participate and take action.
Be Brave Make Change for Reconciliation

Help others to get on board and Be Brave, Make Change.

Reconciliation Australia

Get up, Stand Up Show Up at NAIDOC.

Stay up to date with the Nature Know YouTube channel for more information on nature and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander content.

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