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Forest Therapy benefits - Mary Bell 0

What are the benefits of forest therapy?

There are a myriad of benefits from participating in a forest therapy walk. These can be categorized as physical, mental and physiological. Physical benefits Physical improvements in taking a slow mindful forest therapy walk...

Backyard bandicoot in wildlife week

Outdoor wildlife camera – recording backyard wildlife The last few months I have been learning to use an outdoor wildlife camera in our garden. This camera has infra-red sensing to sense movement particularly at...


What is forest therapy?

Shinrin-yoku – wellbeing walk connected to nature The begininings of forest therapy developed with some interesting developmental work conducted by a Russian biochemist, Boris Tokin back in 1928. Tokin named the beneficial organic compounds...


Plover Appreciation Day

September 16 is Plover Appreciation Day. Plovers are a group of birds found worldwide that make nests on the ground and live on beaches, lakes, shores, wetlands and grasslands.

waratah flower Darug Country

Waratah wonder

There’s something to wonder about Waratahs. They are really special flowers. To me they signify some special people in my life. I really love their rich red colour, and the strong upright presence of...


Star trail movies – learning by doing

I have enjoyed developing my skills in creating star trail movies using my Nikon COOLPIX P900 camera. I am grateful to my sister for sharing and inspiring me about creating star trail movies. I had not come across them previously. Some friends have asked what is involved, so sharing what I have learned so far in this post.


Pink Flannel Flowers on Gundungurra Country

Pink Flannel Flowers Actinotus forsythii on Gundungurra Country in the Blue Mountains. These less common flannel flowers have responded in a swathe of colour near Katoomba New South Wales after the Black Summer of...